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Eagle 4, the hit Afghan action series featuring an elite police unit tasked with battling the country’s most serious crimes, has won the Jury’s Special Prize at the prestigious Seoul International Drama Awards.
The program, produced by Kaboora Production and aired on TOLO TV, was one of two winners among nine nominees selected by a jury made up of acclaimed producers, writers and directors from around the world.
Trudi-Ann Tierney, third from right, at the Seoul International Drama Awards

KABOORA is the award nominated and largest television production house in Afghanistan.

Experience, knowledge and know-how of the Afghan market plus a full menu package make KABOORA a one stop shop for every production need.

KABOORA works with a range of local and international producers, creative directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters , designers, camerapeople, actors and composers to produce high quality and innovative content for a range of private, government and NGO clients.

What makes KABOORA different?

Experience, creativity, versatility and good intuition in a dynamic and fast paced environment.

Projects include high profileprograms for TOLO TV, LEMAR and ARMAN FM including Afghan Star, Laugh Bazaar and Dream & Achieve; events such as the Agricultural Festival which attracts over 100,000+ people; educational and interactive live shows including Meena; as well as the award nominated Afghan serial, Raz hae een khana (‘Secrets of this house’), Afghanistan’s first ever Afghan serial.

KABOORA provides a range of production services which cater to different needs.